The Front Room Presents:
Constructing Abstraction
curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles and Kathleen Vance
January 10th - February 9th, 2014
Reception: Friday, January 10th, 7-9
Viewing hours: Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appointment

The Front Room Gallery is pleased to present "Constructing Abstraction", featuring NYC based artists Peter Fox, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, Jesse Lambert, Mark Masyga, Chris Uphues, and Andrea Von Bujdoss. Curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles and Kathleen Vance.

"Constructing Abstraction" explores the intersection between studio practice vs. public works, figuration within abstraction and geometric construction with abstraction.

Artists in this exhibition build abstracted constructions of form, color and line; within each artist's individual practice, there is an intersection of thematic references of figuration and abstraction.Chris Uphues creates definition out of abstraction; his optically full spherical compositions are articulated through the layering and accumulation of whimsical forms and figures in an isometric format.

Mark Masyga abstracts the physical, referencing structures found in construction sites: rubble, bricks and metal are transformed into geometric shapes and color fields. Masyga's forms, geometrical and organic, build concrete definition from abstraction. R. Nicholas Kuszyk's figuration is integrated into geometric constructions, his figures are capricious and fantastical, each working alongside one another in calculated fields infused by dense color and geometrical planes.

Jesse Lambert's abstracted optical grounds are built of color washes that integrate linear fragmented figurations in dreamlike environments. Andrea Von Bujdoss depicts abstractions of prisms of light through the use of graphic compositions of isometric shapes and rays of vibrant colors. Peter Fox's work optically mixes colors by building a physical construction of paint and accumulating layered pigmented lines of colored drips. Fox integrates chance with control, he combines geometry with the organic and creates figuration from the abstract.

Each artist employs the use of developed and sophisticated patterning and repetition to create their own internal language. These artists appropriate and develop their own iconography transmuted through abstraction. The distinct styles, each defined by their individual practices give clarity to their inspirations, whether informed from external references known only to themselves or self-referencing urban icons they themselves developed.

The exhibition will open with a reception on Friday, January 10, 2014, from 7-10pm and will run through February 9, 2014.

Viewing hours
Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appt.

The Front Room Gallery is located at 147 Roebling Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Gallery hours are Friday-Sunday 1-6PM and by appointment. Press contact: Daniel Aycock 718-782-2556

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