Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
The Front Room Contemporary Art Gallery
Submission Guidelines
The Front Room Gallery of Contemporary Art, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
Submission guidelines for The Front Room banner project
Artist's projects must be:
1. EITHER easily removable OR able to be left outside indefinitely.
2. Weather proof. The banner/installation should be able to endure wind, rain, snow, and weather conditions common to Brooklyn.
3. Theft proof. Artist's should include in their proposals an explanation of how the piece will prevail against theft attempts.
4. The projects should not involve damage to the building's facade. Projects that do not involve drilling into the facade are preferred.
5. Safe. The project must not pose any danger to passersby.
Submitted proposals should include the following:
1. Please write a description of the banner/installation you wish to propose. Include a description of the materials, the dimensions, installation and theft proofing methods. For advice on installating your project please contact the gallery.
2. Please include at least one sketch or photo of the banner/installation.
3. A résumé
4. Return postage if you wish to have your materials returned.

Please note: Past banner projects have used a flag pole which extends from the gallery facade. Artists are welcome to propose banners that use the existing pole. However, banners/installations that do not incorporate the pole are EQUALLY WELCOME.
The Front Room Gallery of Contemporary Art, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
Mail or drop off proposals:
The Front Room
Banner Project
147 Roebling St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Use this form to:
Email questions or proposals

Two proposals are selected each year—one for the fall season and one for the spring season.

Deadline for the Fall 2009 banner is March 31, 2009.

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